Il mio lavoro primario

Fotografia di Marco Favalli

Since 1998 I’m a freelancer working mainly on wildlife research projects.
Essentially, my job is focussed on wildlife research projects in two Parks of the italian Region Friuli Venezia Giulia: Dolomiti Friulane nature park and Prealpi Giulie nature park.


Fotografia di Marco Favalli

I spend most of my time in the mountains; this work gives me the chance to achieve more and more knowledge about the territories of the two regional Parks.


Fotografia di Paolo Agnolin

I have achieved quite a good knowledge about the different techniques that are used for animal tracking; I’ve also tested GPS radiocollars on ibex.

Fotografia di Fulvio Genero

Over the years, some students who were preparing their final dissertation in the Park chose me as their tutor.


Fotografia di Nicola Carbone

Over the years, I have studied and worked on different species such as ibex, chamois, red and roe deer, marmot and birds like quail and corncrake.

Fotografia di Fulvio Genero

Of course (and unfortunately), I also have to use the computer, to analyse the collected data and to write and present a lot of reports and new projects, i.e. the reintroduction project on ibex.


Most of the time, I’m alone in the mountains, trying to learn more about the animals that I am studying.


One of my favourite pleasures and satisfactions is taking groups for a walk in the mountains, to transmit them all my knowledge and to make them feel secure and free.

Fotografia di Marco Favalli