Produzione video

Video production

marco in capanno tenda

I started filming a long time ago. When I’m out in the mountains while working on my research projects, I always take my camera with me.

marco ride in capanno tenda3

I also do my own editing and I produce different kinds of video:

Nature documentaries;
Trekking and adventure expeditions;
Cultural events;
and more…..

Call me for any questions
+39...328 4218782

telecamera in capanno tenda

That’s how I get my best shots…you can’t expect to go there once and make a film, this work needs a lot of patience!

copertina video dolomiti001 720 copertina video prealpi giulie001 720 grifone-copertina

Click over the pics to see samples of my video production.

lo stambecco del parco dvd 720  la fauna del parco dvd 720 LA-riserva-di-cornino-720 grifone-dvd-ok



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