La mia biografia Marco Favalli

Who is Marco Favalli :
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Thanks to the variety and beauty of Kenya’s National Parks, Marco spends a lot of time there and gets very confident with the local wildlife. .


In the following years he realizes different wildlife projects within the two regional Parks in the mountains of Friuli Venezia Giulia and contemporarily attends a course to become a professional Nature Guide


His passion for filming nature and animals is incredible! He always has a new project in mind … and the stories about how he realizes his films are amazing.


A backpack always full of observation and video equipment; a German wife “Frau Angela”, (justly) exigent but always patient and loving; two wild kids named Nicolas and Annalisa and strong crazy Jambo (his dog): Marco’s life is like a powerful and tempestuous river, always overwhelming with lot’s of new ideas and surprises that flow into his work.

Life story by Alberto Cassone: (victim of many experiences with Marco)

Born in Kenya (Nairobi) on the 19
th of April, Marco Favalli spends his childhood in contact with nature. Click here to see some photos of Kenya.

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At the age of 13, Marco moves to Italy, where he tries hard to keep in contact with nature and 5 years later he fulfils his dream by starting his studies on nature sciences at the university in Trieste. The specialization on Ibex and his thesis about this beautiful species, which has been formerly reintroduced in the Friulian Dolomite Park, were the “access key” to start working on nature conservation projects.

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He is working very well on research projects…and the nature camps and trekking tours he proposes are a beautiful experience for everyone, he is a real good organizer and at the end of the tour you will surely have a new friend.

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Anybody who has been with Marco in the mountains will surely remember the trip: when it’s time to walk, he makes you walk … and you know it will be a hard and long day; but when you get to the hut where you’ll stay for the night you can be sure that there will be rivers of wine and a rough party!

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