Junior Ranger

Junior Rangers a marvellous nature experience for the youngsters
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The first Junior Ranger camp in Friuli Venezia Giulia was held in Prealpi Giulie regional nature park.


The wooden fence of the hut needed a new paint … that was our first job!


In the meantime Moira, Lucia and Carlotta were preparing a beautiful cake for tea time!


We learned how to use the radio-tracking device and managed to receive the signal from two of the radiocollared females (n°183 and n°295) on Mount Canin,; we also downloaded the data from the GPS radiocollar and got the exact position of the ibex on the map…amazing! The monitoring of the ibex during this camp was very exciting.


With a telescope we managed to spot out and count the animals from a great distance.



The Park assigned me nine “small devils” who are all residents within the park boundaries; just have a short look on what we did together during a 4 days trip!
Cutting the grass around Canin mountain hut was also great fun!


It was always a pleasure to find water on our way up… and a good excuse to stop and rest!


Up we go to the top of Mount Guarda. The game wardens Paolo, Flavio and Walter gave us some information about their job and told us stories about their life in the mountains.


After dinner Marco took us for an evening walk; we saw many red deer and surrounded by darkness we listened to the powerful voice of the corncrake.


It’s time to milk the cows…..so much work to drink a glass of milk!

This great project aims at the youngsters to learn to love their region and the Park. Therefore, I will follow them for three years, also during winter…. and who knows ... maybe in the future they will decide to remain in their valley, develop some great new ideas together with the park….so good luck!